:: Malacca Trip ::

WhiteSignature’s Crew..

Finally, all 8 of us have been united together again. Such a long time didn’t seen each other, so this very amazing, gorgeous, memorable and happening trip make me felt much better than be a lone ranger.

That day, we went there by 2 cars. 1st car drove by Mr. Khalid aka AlloD the Big Boss which brought along MikeMurano, Wiwit Tahi Lalat and Che Roy.
Then the 2nd car drove by Yus which me aka GLizZY as a co-pilot coz Mr. AlloD drove soooooooo fast to kejar-mengejar before Polis kejar we all, haha. Nuaq and Am also on board.


During that nite, we went to Jonker Walk (seems like Petaling Street in KL) to take some experimentation about the Low Light.
So, the idea suddenly came such a simple trick like this:


When we can be together, anything we can share. From the basic til the highest level, coz every person got their own trick and these time every single minutes was very very very priceless.
See, apa yg penting..? Kerjaaasamaaa..


So, what is the exactly motif we went to Malacca..? I’ll tell u later, jz wait ya.
(,”) Merci beaucoup tout le monde.

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4 thoughts on “:: Malacca Trip ::

  1. thanx singgah sebentar di blog den
    dtg2 laa selalu…
    nice to knew u bro

  2. Dude, nice picture of 7 of u guys…
    n thanks for the album…

  3. knp muke mike nmpk sperti jambu je
    laen dr biase hehe
    btw bro upload lebey sket

  4. apabila photog2 hebat berkumpul!!!

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